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CE certifications Consultants in India

Cecifications for goods, known as "essential requirements" or "performance levels" and "Harmonized Standards," may be found in product directives. European Standards (also known as Harmonization Documents) are the technical guidelines developed by a consortium of European standardisation bodies, and they form the basis of what are known as Harmonized Standards (CEN, CENELEC, etc).

How well do you understand the requirements for a product to have the CE mark? 

A customer's expectation of a product's quality is often based on whether or not it has the CE label, which indicates that the product has met certain minimal criteria.

In order to prove that a product complies with the standards set out by the Community harmonisation law requiring its affixing, the CE marking must be present.

Putting any kind of symbol, sign, or inscription on a product that might confuse consumers about the intended purpose or appearance of the CE marking is strictly forbidden. Adding additional markings is permitted so long as they do not obscure the CE designation or otherwise render it meaningless.

To prevent misuse of the CE marking, each member state must guarantee effective application of the system controlling it. In addition, each member state must establish a system of consequences in the event of a violation, which may include criminal penalties in extreme cases. The sanctions must be commensurate with the nature of the offence and serve as a strong deterrence against any such misuse.

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